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rootsDTA 'Dynamic Time & Attendance

GEO Check in/out & GeoFencing

Scan dedicated QR Codes to Check in/out

Biometric Check in/out

Allocate cost & simplify complex insights

Detect external risks & ensure business continuity**

Over 40 cloud automated integrations with common back office & Payroll systems

Manage Shifts Dynamically

Manage Time Centrally

Run & Share Reports & Analytics Anytime Anywhere

Share & Collaborate

rootsDTA Suite ALL -IN- ONE Dynamic Time & Attendance

Time Tracking:

Employees can clock in/out with just one click. Take a break, manage PTO or manage overtime

Mobile App:

Download our Mobile App for Android or iOS app to track, submit, and approve employee time from virtually anywhere.

Scheduling & Work Plan:

Build employee schedules by jobs, shifts, work plan, rosters or projects. with few clicks you can edit, publish & share the schedule with staff.


Connect to your favorite ERP, accounting or payroll softwares to automatically sync accurate employee time tracking data for payroll & invoicing.


Gain valuable business insight with real-time, interactive reports. Predict time needs for job costs, plan for payroll & increase profitability.

Team Management:

Keep your teams in the know with project management & geofencing technology. See the status of all your projects at a glance. Set geofencing boundaries to automatically remind employees to clock in and out.

rootsDTA Features

Multiple Identification Methods

“QR”, “Location”, ‘Network”, “Customized Rules” &/or Bio-metrics

Location Verification

Using Internet of Things (IOT), GPS technologies & SSIDs

Managing WorkPlans & Rosters

Add & modify multiple work plans that accurately reflects the nature & demands of operations in your organization & it’s entities

No Hardware Needed

Only the Employee’s Mobile is needed without the need for installation & maintenance of any hardware devices

Real Time Information at Your Fingertips

With rootsDTA you can get real-time attendance data without the need to wait for any updates or data loading schedules

Eliminate Any Wait Time or Queues & Ensure Time Efficiency

Staff can attend via a mobile application simultaneously regardless of the number of employees at the same location, shift &/or project

Remote Working

If your team has the option to work remotely, rootsDTA gives you the ability to attend your employees from anywhere & apply the required rules if any. rootsDTA allows for multiple clock in/out methods for the same shift, location or project

Multiple Work Locations

Employees can attend their shifts from multiple locations if required. rootsDTA does not require wires, connections, or electricity. Time Clock in/out point can be placed in any space. Suitable for fieldwork as well & remote sites

Easy Onboarding

You can add employees of all types, grant them access to view & edit their information, assign them to rotations & shifts or transfer them between departments, projects & locations in few clicks

Reports & Analytics

rootsDTA offers you numerous detailed reports, analytics & dashboards at your fingertips. Gain insights into all aspects internally & externally. Attendance, absence, overtime, shortage, late hours, manpower cost allocation, external sentiments .. etc

Notifications & Alerts

Send immediate alerts for new employee on boarding, leaves or other notifications. Remind employees of their arrival times, departure times & shifts. Perform auto checkout, get alerts for Employees Out of Range & punch in and punch out alerts if needed.


rootsDTA provides out of the box integrations with popular ERPs & Payroll Processing systems. You can also easily utilize our library of WebServices & APIs to integrate with your IT footprint & IoTs to pull & send attendance information, leaves & balances & sync it with your leaves policy, pay periods & payroll processing cycles.

Employee’s attendance log

rootsDTA displays ’employees attendance log’ through our Web & Mobile App & enables employees, supervisors & managers to look at their own attendance and leaves

Central Tablet (or clock in/out) Application

With rootsDTA -if needed- we can freely & simply set up a smart device (tablet/smart phone) which could be placed anywhere inside the organization or location to be used in the case of some employees failing to use their own mobiles

Safety, Protection & Business Continuity

With rootsDTA users have a variety of options to put in place safe & reliable procedures that ensure business continuity in case of any external or internal events. On the technical side there are many features that make attendance & time tracking safe and secure through secure communication, encryption & availability to access data by the authorized people & departments

Attendance Time Modification

rootsDTA allows the HR Employees & supervisors to manually add transactions for employees if & when needed

Flexible Permissions

You can add users’ permissions according to their roles in the system, such as supervisors, department managers, branch managers or any other roles responsible of setting user actions and responsibilities

Employee Statistics Dashboard

rootsDTA allows the employee to view his/her attendance data & view hours worked, overtime, late and leaves on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom interval basis


Through Roots DTA, your employees can submit vacations & leave requests easily. They can also if needed set times & periods of availability

Customize Your QR Code

Create your own QR (unlimited number for free from within the platform) & link it with employees & shifts to restrict attendance to multiple options such as -but not limited to- gate name, floor/area, project name, GeoFencing, local network name (SSID) ..etc.

Managing Projects & Manpower Cost Allocation

rootsDTA provides Project Allocation Attendance whether using location or using QR Code in addition to projects reporting, costing & manpower cost allocation

Out of Range

rootsDTA provides out of range features for managing GPS location/Geo fencing features in addition to out of range alerts after punching In

IOT of Things*

rootsDTA can also send the required signals to electronic door openers using the same network in order to grant physical access to certain employees for certain secured areas & rooms within your oragnization

Traditional Attendance Systems vs. rootsDTA

Do any of the issues below sound familiar to you? Here's some of the issues & how we can help you overcome them:

Difficulty Managing Employees!


Especially attendance from branches
& remote departments

How Can rootsDTA help:

With rootsDTA you can manage employees in a centralized or decentralized fashion based on the operational need. Furthermore with
rootsDTA you can define all types of employees whether full/part-time, 3rd parties, contractors ..etc

Frequent maintenance!


Recurring & bothering
maintenance problems and
unnecessary costs

How Can rootsDTA help:

No maintenance is required*. We will be responsible of any updates or software maintenance required
& will perform those tasks in a planned manner ensuring NO interruptions occur. 

No remote attendance!

Inability to prove the attendance
of remote workers and field staff

How Can rootsDTA help:

Any Remote location approved for work by the employer (ie: work from home or remote site) can have its own clock in that is linked to a shift or a workplan

Inability to detect fraud!

Difficulty in detecting fraud cases
on traditional devices

How Can rootsDTA help:

There is a variaty of easy to use options & features that can be activated to overcome this – for example a clock in point (ie: QR code) can be linked to GEO information, Network SSID ..etc


Biometric attendances devices take more time to mark the attendance & causes a long queue of workers in the morning and in the evening. How Can rootsDTA help: Biometric clock in/out in rootsDTA happens typically through the mobile device itself so clocking in/out is not dependent on one fixed machine
Environmental Challenges

Under extreme cold or extreme heat, the error rate is also very high. Thus this pose a challenge for using biometric attendance system. How Can rootsDTA help: Such scenarios are not applicable to rootsDTA!
Special Needs & Inclusion

Many members of the workforce may be challenged with special requirements to cater for their special needs resulting sometimes in challenges related to inclusion How Can rootsDTA help: At Roots we take this issue at heart as one of our core values & CSRs. We provide a variety of options as rootsDTA has a special program depending on the need & could reasonably help overcome this at no additional cost to our clients
Extreme Work Conditions

Many members of the workforce
may be challenged with tough
work conditions in fields like mining,
construction, oil & gas ..etc.

How Can rootsDTA help:

Special set ups can be performed to auto clock in/out such employees without the need to navigate the mobile App

Rate of Error


Biometric attendance
machines typically have two types of common errors; False Acceptance Rate (FAR) & False Rejection Rate (FRR). FAR is happens when the device accepts an unauthorized person, and FRR comes into
the picture when authorized person is rejected. The error rate is 1% that means an organization with 20,000 employee, will get an error attendance of approx. 200 employees.

How Can rootsDTA help:

Biometric clock in/out in rootsDTA happens typically through the mobile device itself so clocking in/out is not dependent on one
fixed machineWith rootsDTA there is no FARs & FRRs because biometrics are captured through our mobile application not a static time device.

Infection Carrier

Repetitive use of biometric
machine can be a source of disease spread & infections since more than one person
are using the same device or are present at the same time to clock in/out

How Can rootsDTA help:

At Roots we encourage customers to use all accessible tools to ensure social distancing & avoid any disease spread. Since your Mobile App is your biometric machine rootsDTA user would not have this issue to worry about as long as they clock in/out from within the geofencing boundaries

Biometric Attendance machine
Systems Outdated

Work culture has been changing fast, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. Hybrid work is
now here to stay. The evolved work culture and practices need
a dynamic system. However,
biometric machines cannot
evolve beyond a point. These machines are useless when it comes to the staff working from home or working in the field or
staff attending office for only a few days in a month. These machines have no provision for newly developed needs of a workplace like hot-desking & other such evolving needs. As such, these systems are now totally outdated & just cannot meet the needs of a fastevolving hybrid work culture.

How Can rootsDTA help:

with rootsDTA set up can be easily performed to accommodate this; for example a work location or project can have multiple methods of clocking in/out in rootsDTA

Limited Capability

Biometrics attendance
machines have very limited
capabilities because the
software installed in these
machines is not advanced
enough. It cannot match the advanced software/ platforms now available, which offer analytics, real-time reports, central visibility, leave management, in-out passes & random checks, etc. These machines just cannot offer these multiple capabilities which are basic to a modern Attendance Management System.

How Can rootsDTA help:

rootsDTA offer a full platform based on a cloud software that is frequently updated to meet modern HCM demands. It’s allows users to manage their profiles & preferences to stay up to date with any changes needed

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You can generate & assign an unlimited
number of QR codes for time tracking at
locations, shifts, projects..etc?

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