You’re 3 clicks away from saving hours & hours every week tracking missing punches, preparing timesheets & keeping shiftssafe with only a few clicks!

Your employees will love this!


Dynamic Time & Attendance Platform

All-in-one simple to use platform to automate attendance, scheduling & payroll & keep your employees & workplace safe at all times.


Say goodbye to; hours wasted reviewing & collecting timesheets, dealing clock in hardware machines, figuring out who’s in and who’s not, oh .. and let’s not
forget leaves, schedules & overtime!


Did that sound exhausting to you!


With rootsDTA we can have all that in one simple platform that will give you the time to go back to what you do best – running your business – & keep
your workforce happy, engaged & safe!


Welcome to rootDTA where endless human
possibilities is possible

Time & Attendance features

Cloud-based time and attendance systems

Manage Shift Dynamically

dollar valued email

Create & Manage Schedules

wifi and web

Auto Time-Sheets & Reports

Cloud Attendance System

Manage & Update Attendance

qr code attendance system

Set up Shift Rules & Guidelines


Manage Leaves & Over-Time

payroll services

Setup Employee Kiosks

payroll software

Payroll, PoS & Apps Integration

You Can Now
Think Global Execute Local! .

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Chat Support

Meet ‘Monti’ our employee of the month. ‘Monti’ is chatty and always ready to help. With access to hundreds of how to videos and articles your questions can be answered instantly! ‘Monty’ is also a quick learner and is always listening to what users are requesting in order for him to be ready for your next question or request … way to go ‘Monty’!

Timesheet Management System

24/7 Support

The Roots support team is available 24/7 to guarantee any support users might need at any time. Regardless of your geographical location or time zone, simply submit your request, and our customer success staff will reach out to you instantly!

Time and attendance systems for small businesses

No- Code Set up

With only a few clicks you & your employees can start using rootsDTA. You will only need to sign up, tell us what your business is & where do you operate & just like that rootsDTA will complete your onboarding & get you & your employees started in no-time.As you set up your rootsDTA ‘Monti’ our employee of the month is always ready to help with any questions. You will also be accompanied by our ‘tips’ throughout this simple 3 minute process!

payroll software for small business


Why figure it out from scratch by yourself when you have 100+ localizations to choose from? Just creating your company profile or a new entity will allow roots HCM to find the right set of localizations you need. This helps you comply with local HR, payroll and reporting regulations in a fully code-free environment!

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FREE For Life Up to One Location
  • Manage Shift Rules & Attendance
  • View Reports & TimeSheets
  • Mobile App & Collaboration Tools
  • Smart QR Clock In/ Out & Breaks
  • Location Clock In/ Out & Breaks
  • Manage Missing Punches



$ 49
Per Location / Month
  • Manage Shift Rules & Attendance
  • View Reports & TimeSheets
  • Mobile App & Collaboration Tools
  • Smart QR Clock In/ Out & Breaks
  • Location Clock In/ Out & Breaks
  • Manage Missing Punches

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